Why give to Pave the Way?

Did you know that universities rely on donor support to help take them from good to great?

That’s why on Tuesday 12 September we're calling on the whole University community to come together to raise funds for the areas in greatest need. It’s called Pave the Way and it’s a 24-hour fundraising challenge to show what a difference a day makes.

If every University of Sydney student, staff and graduate gave $10 we could:

Help teach 1960 refugees EnglishHelp teach 1960 refugees English
Restore 49,000 square metres of the Great Barrier ReefRestore up to 49,000 square metres of the Great Barrier Reef
Provide 163 student scholarshipsProvide 163 student scholarships
So much moreAnd so much more!

Give early 

This year you have the option of giving early. By giving today your gift will be counted towards the Pave the Way campaign on 12 September.

Whether it’s $5 or $50, every donation makes a difference. Give now and help make incredible things happen. And remember, 100 percent of your donation goes straight to the cause and there are no administration fees. 

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